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Market Harborough Weir Re-Profiling

SCS were employed by a contractor working with the Environment Agency to re-profile sections of a weir to enable fish to swim upstream and help them migrate freely along the river, as part of their regional 'Fish Pass Programme'. The fish passes are designed to be low maintenance and complement water level and flood risk management in the town as well as further afield.

Work had to be co-ordinated to be done at a time when the water levels in the river were acceptably low, with the contractor installing a cofferdam so we could work in a safe environment.

Health, Safety & Environmental issues were of paramount importance as were working in a live watercourse. The contractor installed large pumps to remove the waste water and slurry into a large settlement pond away from the river. Our power packs were run with bio-degradable hydraulic oil in case there were any leaks and our operatives wore life preservers as an extra precautionary measure.

The concrete section to be removed was done with a combination of hand-held cut-off saw, chain saw, diamond drilling, bursting and hydraulic jaws. The drawings showed one of the sections of concrete having a cut angle of 34 degrees meaning our operatives had to be extremely precise and accurate with their plant, showing the highly skilled nature of their trade.

Not only did we have to deal with the direct issues of doing the work but also having to deal with the local wildlife encroaching on our works, when we had to remove a family of toads that had set up home overnight in the 200mmØ burster holes!

Despite the complexities and variable nature of this contract SCS completed the work within the specified timescale and budget of the contractor who were extremely happy with the finished article.

Martello Tower, Aldeburgh

SCS Technaseal were employed by Momart, working on behalf of the Landmark Trust to drill the holes for the installation of a sculpture on top of the Martello Tower in Aldeburgh. This had been specially designed and built by Antony Gormley, creator of the Angel of the North, to celebrate the Landmark Trust's 50th Anniversary. There are 5 sculptures being installed at 5 Landmark sites across the UK and will be in place from May 2015 for 12 months.

The sculpture at the Martello Tower is being put in such a place that it looks out over the North Sea and had to be at a very precise angle. The holes for the base plate therefore had to be drilled extremely accurately. We also assisted in the marking out of the 6no 32mmØ holes to make sure there were no issues.

The access to the roof of the tower was restricted, having to get all the plant up a narrow staircase and working on the edge of the tower meant the safety of our operatives was something we had to think about carefully when it came to working out the method and the safety precautions needed.

We drilled the holes using a handheld motor, as this alleviated the need for fixing down bolt holes and our operative was harnessed to a roof man anchor to ensure his safety whilst drilling. As an extra precaution an additional man was positioned on a tower next to the area. We supplied the stainless steel studs and resin fixed them in place, finally, we returned when cured to load test each bolt before placement of the statue.

Everything went smoothly with both the contractor and client being extremely pleased with the professionalism and expertise of our operatives and management as this was a very high profile job.

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