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Percussive Drilling

With our range of low vibration hammer drills we are able to carry out the percussive drilling of holes from 4mm up to 48mm diameter holes in all types of construction materials for a variety of applications, including dowell bars, bolts and fixings incorporating chemical resin fixings.


E-Z Drill

The E-Z Drills are a range of automatic, vibration free, air operated, fast, economic drilling systems designed to drill holes from 15mmØ up to 63mmØ up to 450mm deep and come in vertical and horizontal options.

The horizontal 'slab rider' model comes with dual purpose guide wheels providing faster repositioning from hole to hole and can operate in a 1.2m wide area.

The 20 UTL model is used to increase safety and speed on vertical drilling projects. The frame-mounted drill absorbs vibrations to prevent hand, arm and back injuries commonly associated with handheld drilling.